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Image of the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is breathtaking no matter where it's viewed from.

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Don (Senior Editor)

Hi, I'm Don. The first time I saw The Grand Canyon was in 1997. I did what everyone else does. I looked in absolute amazement and said, "Wow...".

"This natural wonder should be on everyone's bucket list."

I created this website to share news, updates, and things to do in The Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding area.

Throughout the course of a given year, there's a lot going on in and around the park. The team at In The Grand Canyon News does our best to report on things going on in and around the park.

Staff Writers

These talented people dig into the things happening around the park and write about them.


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Arturo (Staff Writer)

Arturo is a native Arizonan, and he practically grew up in The Grand Canyon and Sedona. He's an avid hiker, rock climber and explorer.


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Kaydee (Staff Writer)

Kaydee did environmental research work on The Grand Canyon while studying at the University of Arizona. She knows all the cool things to do in the canyon area.

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I hope our news articles provide helpful information to you and your family about one of the world's great natural treasures.

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Best, Don and the team at In The Grand Canyon News